At Lighthouse Online Therapy we understand that it is often not easy to reach out  to connect with a therapist. Please know that by taking this first step you are taking steps to care for your mental and emotional well being so that you can be living your most meaningful life! 

The first step is a free 20 minute consult with Heidi where you can discuss your therapy needs, ask any questions about Online Therapy and if you are ready to you can schedule your first therapy session with a Lighthouse Therapist. 

We are looking forward to meeting and connecting with you!


Please note that If there is not a time available in the Schedule Now Calandar whichs meet your scheduling needs than please reach out to us by email at OR by Phone at (902) 460-0124 OR toll free at 844-932-4333 and we will be pleased to schedule a convenient time for you to discuss your therapy needs. 

Direct Billing Medavive Blue Cross provider including Veterans affairs Canadian Armed Force.

Ready to begin?


Move forward towards living your life with greater ease, increased comfort and clarity.

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